Company Turnarounds

Business Turnarounds are perhaps the most complicated and demanding type of Interim Management and the success of the assignment largely determines the destiny and existance of the business involved.

Pennine Trent Limited has participated in many successful Business Turnaround projects allowing us to establish ourselves as Business Turnaround specialists in the UK. Turnaround Management consulting usually involves leading the business back to financial stability in difficult times whilst placating numerous stakeholders of the enterprise.

The Turnaround Manager is able to provide strong leadership and make unpopular decisions with corporate survival and financial recovery being the ultimate goal.

The signs of a failing business are

  • Ineffective, hesitant and weak management
  • Cashflow pressure
  • Poor lender relationships
  • Exhausted finance function
  • Over doversification
  • Poor Operational controls
  • Market lag
  • Explosive growth and inadequate resources
  • Precarious customer base
  • Family vs. business objectives
  • Operating without a business plan or corporate strategy
  • Poor succession planning
  • Low staff morale

We can help you save a failing business

  • Analyse and evaluate the present condition of the business
  • Quickly control cash and trading losses
  • Implement a short term emergency business plan with quick wins
  • Develop business strategic planing and critical path
  • Secure stakeholder approval and agree a timetable
  • Restructure business and management
  • Secure cost savings and additional income streams where viable
  • Measure progress with milestones
  • Deliver business recovery and/or business sale

Business Turnarounds Advice

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