Deputy Principal Advisor

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Richland, WA, US


Project Management


Mar 22,2017




Bachelor's Degree


$ 30-100 k


5+ Years


Full Time

Additional Job Requirements

  • Punctual and hard worker
  • Fundamental understanding of internal controls, including background
  • Willingness to work extra hours when requires
  • Compiling and condensing successful and unsuccessful tenders
  • Project experience working with cross-functional teams
  • Possesses excellent problem solving skills
  • A keen grasp of information technology;
  • Please do not apply if you cannot work with us at least for 2 years or intend to

Other Benefits

  • Health and life insurance
  • 2 days of weekend
  • 2 annual performance bonuses
  • Picnic/Tour
  • Lunch, Snacks
  • Public holidays

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