Strategic Business Development

Pennine Trent Limited provides business strategy consulting services, completing successful projects which develop strategic growth plans for companies through strategic business planning.

Strategic Business Development Review

Business Strategy consulting usually takes the form of a 5 day assignment whereby the strategic business consultant develops an understanding of the business from a financial, commercial and operational perspective.

During the course of this process a SWOT analysis is prepared and the strategic business consultant develops a business strategy to convert the strengths and opportunities into business revenue whilst creating a strategic plan to reduce the impact or existance of the weaknesses and threats.

The assignment will also incorporate industry and market research and competitor analysis with a view to benchmarking the business and identifying the fundamental differences worthy of correction or reinforcing.

A Strategic Business Development Review will become the cornerstone of a Business Plan which is essential to a properly managed business.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning is often a prerequisite for Bank Funding, Venture Capitalist Finance, Grant Applications, Company Valuations and Business Acquisitions and Disposals. Pennine Trent Limited can also provide strategic planning business development and a strategic planning consultant can help you develop and deliver the strategic business plan.

Pennine Trent Limited can provide the necessary resource to effectively turbo charge a company’s financial performance and unlike many other Interim Management companies it charges a fixed fee for the project without any equity dilution.

Strategic Business Development Advice

For non-obligatory advice on Strategic Business Development, please complete the brief online enquiry form or email Your enquiry will be handled in the strictest confidence.

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