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Pennine Trent Limited has successfully completed the sale of many companies over the last 20 years, maximising shareholder wealth. Our business sale service includes small businesses, medium business and large enterprises within a range of market sectors.

Selling a Business

“How do I sell my business?” is a question we are regularly asked from people looking for advice on selling a business in the UK.  As with Strategic Business DevelopmentTurnaround Management or Refinancing the process of selling your business starts with producing a fully integrated business plan explaining the key aspects of the company, its personnel, markets, strengths, opportunities and future plans.

This document then forms the main backbone of an Information Memorandum.

On many occasions has Pennine Trent Limited come across a business which is poorly prepared for a business sale to the extent that far from being a “prime” company to sell it becomes labelled a “distressed” sale and diminished sale proceeds reflect this.

Maximising The Value of Your Business Sale

Pennine Trent Limited will add value to the business in this sale process and the timing of sale is absolutely key as the removal and resolution of value reducing characteristics is often necessary pre-sale.

At present we have a number of high wealth individuals, companies and Venture Capitalists who are seeking opportunities to buy businesses.

Advice on Selling a Business

If you have a business to sell or you are considering selling your business contact Pennine Trent for non-obligatory advice. Just complete the brief online enquiry formor email Your enquiry will be handled in the strictest confidence.

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